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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia




Tammy has been involved in promoting health in one way or another for most of her life. She was involved in athletics from a very young age and quickly understood the value of activity. As an adult she began running and is a marathon runner having completed races all around North America.

When disease started taking hold in her family she became aware of lifestyle choices and their impact on our health. She studied in the field of physical therapy but quickly realized without the promotion of proactive healthcare in society efforts in this field would not make a big impact on quality of life overall.

As her knowledge increased over time Healthy Lifestyle became a passion. That passion grew even more as she cared for her own children and searched for more comprehensive proactive care for her family. 

Eventually it became clear to Tammy that allopathic medicine was limited to prescriptions and procedures. In 2019 she started the Naturally Inspired Podcast. Through the podcast platform she has shared dozens of interviews with qualified professionals. Tammy is fully committed to helping people find the right path to optimum health through the truth about health in this country and the promotion of preventative care.

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